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April 3, 2016

Diverse material with outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture designers the choice of materials and with considerable effort into, is committed to the use of clever techniques, from wood, rattan, textiles, metals, synthetic materials, furniture and all the special texture of the material to strike the perfect combination of performance, giving a very natural and comfortable visual and tactile sense. Independent use of any material or mix and match any two materials will show different design style.
Iron bracket hold up with a retro section scar wood bar fight, this match no matter what kind of outdoor furniture is used, it will feel natural harmony, rustic style with a touch of nostalgia; rattan furniture, rattan leisure mainly seat majority, the modeling can be combined in the West to show different styles of furniture, rattan style is different. Outdoor furniture in rattan, cane, some natural and comfortable with the material by the colorful packages, rattan furniture, fabric embellishment to immediately live up Smart; some rattan material coupled with iron, filling the hard and soft the unique taste of economic; then there is the pure cane woven seat. Some models are designed to separate the seats, and some designed as a traditional rocking chair. Cane seat height also breaks the traditional scale, with diverse choices, almost circular ground-high chair, in the embellishment by the package is particularly friendly, reminiscent of wicker chair in the loss to can sit cross-legged, and rest in life; alloy and polymer materials with the most modern and fashion style portfolio, this new material and more to light, portable, easy disassembly, easy to move as the main feature, Minimalism and respected, because the special material properties, so the design process, designers will continue to amend lines and angles, to coordinate with the human body to achieve the best results. Outdoor furniture choices within the framework of the material is particularly important, the use of light alloy material, easy to move in the open layout is the primary factor; if outdoor furniture with a metal frame forming a better and reduce the spot, so that is conducive to maintaining stability and reducing the effects of natural conditions, causing deformation.
Bring people to a wide range of material with a wide range of senses, regardless of affinity, cold, front, retro, emotional, rational, and will be filled with infinite vitality of outdoor space, revealing its own unique charm.
The design of outdoor space can blend with the interior design style: wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for modern, minimalist style of the indoor environment, the line based on the generally straight line, or exaggerated form is also a color. If you prefer rustic, natural wood texture and temperament qualities more likely to be coordinated through the fine lines and details to create a natural relaxing atmosphere of life.
Wooden outdoor furniture long-term use, based on the brush in a clean layer of tung oil, tung oil on the wood surface with water and corrosion of the basic effect, but because of wood with tung oil deal with only finishing on the surface, the environment inside the timber there is no fundamental the change, so for the time being not completely solve the problem of corrosion protection. Therefore, in the initial selection of outdoor furniture, materials, when taking into account the above factors beforehand.
Rattan outdoor furniture is easy to slot into the dust reservoir, so it is more suitable for semi-indoor half-outdoor terrace. Such as the rattan furniture on the wide open outdoor space, I recommend you excellent rattan home some of the best choice for outdoor furniture, rattan imitation. Rattan furniture, rattan imitation imitate the color and shape, woven synthetic material, the same can be made of woven rattan with real texture, and color changing will not fade.
I have excellent selection of hundreds of high-quality rattan outdoor living imitation rattan furniture for you to choose, such as the right style can also be used indoors, warm indoor imitation rattan furniture placement will be more extended period of use. Please refer to the left of the page Category: PE rattan and outdoor series.

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