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April 23, 2016

Deep plowing from the city of Shunde Furniture Outdoor Furniture Asia-Pacific market to build an international procurement center

   Shunde from ushered in from Singapore, India, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, the Asia-Pacific Outdoor furniture giant, the two sides over China – Asia launched the depth of the furniture industry of communication and cooperation, which means not only music from the furniture market‘s business model and market power outdoor furniture giant has been recognized by the Asia-Pacific, but also indicates that music from the already sounded the clarion call to enter the furniture market in Asia Pacific, an international journey will be more sonorous and powerful.
The two sides around the “China – Asia-Pacific and international standards of outdoor furniture how to” as the theme, more than 30 Asia-Pacific Outdoor Furniture Association Board members and music brought together representatives from the Chamber of Furniture City, the music from the furniture market, for example, on how the furniture industry in China and the Asia-Pacific improve the depth of international competitiveness. Site brainstorming, wisdom flashes, sharing industry gluttonous feast.

This is not only an international outdoor furniture industry, the dialogue between the situation, but also means that as a prelude to the summit, Sheng-commerce capital of Chinese furniture to enjoy the reputation of Lecong Asia-Pacific region and the world will expand even more depth in other parts and more extensive exchanges and cooperation.

“Music from the summit held on, mainly based on music from the outdoor furniture in Guangdong Province occupies the central position of international procurement.” Guangdong Furniture Association, said Wang Ke, music from the world’s largest furniture market wholesale and retail distribution center, Guangdong Provincial Furniture Association will build international furniture purchase music from the center, through the music from the world’s largest furniture market, Guangdong furniture from the past to the domestic market, change to gradually increase the degree of internationalization, the music from the into a furniture industry in Guangdong and even the window of China, the world’s exchanges.

Never-ending international outdoor Furniture Fair

Choose the international summit held in the music not from accidental from early last century, music has been from the International Furniture City, from China to the world.

Music at State Road 325 miles from the furniture section of music from the promenade, from the 80’s started the last century, is the birthplace of Chinese furniture professional market, by the Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Louvre, the dynasty, Shun Union, Macalline, Dongheng, Dah Sing, DR Long, Mission billion, more than 180 Block East ming and other modern furniture mall composed of the total retail area of ​​more than 320 million square meters.

In addition, the music also has furniture from the sale, installation, transportation and other employees 50,000 people, at home and abroad to accommodate more than 3,400 furniture dealers and more than 1,300 furniture manufacturers, to visit the shop every day up to 2 million customers more music from the delivery of furniture and out of vehicles over 20,000 times, selling products at home and abroad, contributed to music from the furniture market,  furniture sales highest in the nation.

Music from the furniture market is located in the forefront of reform and opening up areas, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, market sensitive information, its degree of internationalization is also home to major furniture distribution center in the second to none. Permanent trade now purchase music from more than 400 foreign businessmen, in March 2010 set up a foreign music from the foreign service clubs and recreational centers, this blend of Chinese and Western, colorful international peak, as the music from the win “Furniture Capital of the World,” “Kingdom of furniture”, “everlasting International Furniture Fair” in the world.

Such a high-profile event is an international summit, the Asia-Pacific is the Asia-Pacific Association of furniture in the furniture industry’s most authoritative organization in China’s furniture industry peers and frequent exchanges. Government’s active in Lecong under the guidance of excellent music from the Furniture City Chamber of Commerce hosted the summit, Foreign Friendship Club and the music from the Furniture Association, as Co-organizer, which opened with music from the Pacific off the furniture giant new cooperation.

Perspective on the situation in the country the province, Guangdong furniture export value reached last year, 13.53 billion U.S. dollars, up 30% over 2009, this excellent situation in the Asia-Pacific to exchange furniture giant, but also music from the furniture to enhance international cooperation and trade Open another window.

Deep structures of international cooperation and exchange platform

More than 30 members of the Asia-Pacific Association for the furniture industry first came to music from almost all day morning they visited the music from the furniture miles promenade on the stretch for miles and the mighty spectacular furniture retailers Gee wonder.

Furniture Association of Thailand Secretary-General Dr Chan in an interview in the continuous use of a number of “shock” to express their feelings first saw the store, he did not think that brings together music from China and overseas high, mid-range varieties of more than 20,000 kinds of furniture He is particularly optimistic about the music from the furniture design, and willing to carry out more cooperation from the music.

Platform for cooperation further in understanding the structures. In the afternoon, the Asia-Pacific Home Association and China Furniture Association, Guangdong Province, home association, Lecong government, music from the Furniture City Chamber of Commerce and representatives of foreign friendship club, and Chengdu, Xianghe, Li mouth and other representatives of all furniture end their summit. Asia Pacific Home Association President Dr. Lin Zuoxin first initiated topics, from the raw materials, design, marketing and other fields, China’s furniture market business opportunities, while China’s furniture industry also needs more new style and design, in which consensus of both parties strongly expressed the hope that in the future to conduct more in-depth willingness to cooperate.

In order to express his sincerity, This time also brought from the forest for new investors in Singapore well prepared, “I hope the music from the furniture to establish a museum as the Asia-Pacific – China Furniture Association, the center of the Asia-Pacific, the Asia Pacific region can be shipped to cheaper raw materials music from, music can go from the design of the Asia-Pacific. ”

Optimistic about the Asia-Pacific Outdoor furniture giants of music from the design, it is music from seeking to consolidate the industry to upgrade the status of positive initiatives. Music from the goal is 3-5 years of efforts, the introduction of internationally renowned designers 300-400 to the music from to end of last year, the International Union and the South China home home Creative Design and Research Institute, Chen Clan Temple is a breakthrough in creative industries park to promote the creative and industrial design extends to the downstream, driving the Chinese furniture industry from the “Made in China” to “China” changes, led the Chinese furniture industry taking the forefront of the industry in the world.

Music from the Furniture City Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Liang Chi then said: “Now there is music from the long-term resident of over 400 foreign businessmen, Lecong the products are exported to 50 countries in more than 70 regions. We also hope to have more different styles of the future , different designs of furniture products to enter the music from, so that music from the furniture industry and more countries of the furniture can walk together to provide quality services to the world. ”

Occasion to take off outdoor furniture to create an international procurement center

In fact, the Chinese – Asia-Pacific exchanges and cooperation in outdoor furniture industry summit is only a beginning, music from will take the opportunity to enhance the professional market for furniture, renovation, and strive to improve service quality, further initiated into the domestic and foreign markets.

“Music from the furniture market in terms of store size and product type have been done first in the world, the next upgrade is not in manufacturing, but should focus on the sales and service.” Chan Po Kwong, vice chairman of China Furniture Association, believes that music from the can the only “national e-commerce pilot” town efforts.

Last January, “National E-Commerce Pilot Town,” the first time settled in the town of music from the domain constraints, closely based on the real economy exists in the music from the virtual economy will achieve the modern music business from the commercial and trade circulation industry to upgrade the development and achieve tangible the business market and the high quality and efficiency of the joint development of intangible market economy of modern commerce, which is fun break from the furniture industry and strategies necessary requirement for the development of the road.

In addition to e-commerce, integrity is also music from the furniture market can not replace the holy grail. Since August 2008 Music from the first to promote the “collective good faith” since the brand building, hundreds of companies have joined the Xianxingpeifu commitment to raise several million dollars Xianxingpeifu Kikinda, adding the “good shop” units, to achieve a “zero complaint “and” zero Pei Fu, “the cultivation of a large number of corporate integrity achievements of the” China Business of Life “to its name.

If the e-commerce is the music industry from the proactive way to enhance, then the separation of planning and business objects to create high-end industrial core area is the party committee and government assess the situation Lecong Promising practices. In addition, the music from the furniture also lead to cultural development and construction of the State AAAA-class tourist attractions, the development of tourism economy; to build ten homes and cultural corridor, test the water and cultural economy. Efforts to promote urban construction, to provide better living facilities, beautiful human environment, a broad talent development, and promote industrial development and urban communion.

Music from the restructuring and upgrading through e-commerce, the use of commercial property to create industrial core area of ​​separation, re-use furniture industry began to promote creative industries link in the chain of high-end creative design into the field, and ultimately prove safety “Chinese furniture design” of the strategic layout , shows the happy occasion to take off from the furniture market, furniture purchases to create the International Centre for ambition. Transformation of economic development has become the focus of the Pearl River Delta and the country strategies, is located in the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan centers Lecong, a furniture business as a pillar industry in the traditional business center, and gradually transformed into a set of information, design, creative industries as the core of the modern industrial town.

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