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April 13, 2016

Custom outdoor furniture and heavy flow of material become popular

      Many owners are tired of coming in the courtyard or on the terrace just simply put a few rattan tables and chairs, according to the proportion of outdoor space, towards the location and use efficiency, make room for outdoor furniture designer tailored for outdoor furniture. outdoor furniture because the fate of the sun and the wind is difficult to get rid of, so custom outdoor furniture should focus on materials, technology and preservative treatment on three major issues.
      Great planning custom imitation rattan furniture into the mainstream
      Custom outdoor furniture became popular weight material flow
      When selecting units to buy a house, garden apartment is always presented by the preference of buyers, not only is the villa, there are those who get the top layer of a small garden or ordinary residence. Has a courtyard, has long been not uncommon, outdoor furniture also will be selling up. Outdoor furniture, by definition is placed in the outdoor furniture, decorations for the family, mainly placed in the courtyard or on the terrace.
     Recently, the reporter looked at several home stores have outdoor furniture on the scene. Outdoor furniture, casual style, the main variety of forms, tables, chairs, flower racks, swing, loft and so on. “Into the summer, outdoor furniture, customers buy more, especially now near the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day can be said that strong sales of outdoor furniture season.” A certain brand of outdoor furniture sales, said Ms. Li, store display are samples, and many customers will According to the proportion of space, location and efficiency towards issues such as custom sizes appropriate, material suitable for outdoor furniture. Reporters in the home stores have also seen, although not weekends, outdoor furniture, look to many people, and most are young couples, their home life is full of outdoor reverie.
       Lake Park in Yulin Flower Market, the reporter made a lot of garden designers. Interior designer with a similar, outdoor furniture, Custom outdoor furniture, designers focused on the layout and design. Many garden designers said that as the size and direction of outdoor space for different positions, and now outdoor furniture and more are custom products, assembly line type of products do very little.
      “Many owners have been satisfied on the terrace or in the yard put a few pieces of furniture, they asked for the overall planning of outdoor space has a full use of every corner.” Garden designer Mok introduced a family of three favorite outdoor activities, the proposed custom circular seating and table, easy to use. The sun longer outdoor space, you should select good quality raw materials, maintenance and convenient outdoor furniture, furniture or exacerbate aging.
      Sun and rain will inevitably focus on the key material
      “Outdoor furniture should have a ‘strong body’ and ‘stand the test of the appearance of wind and rain’, preservation, pest control treatment must be in place, otherwise pretty useless then.” Speaking of the experience of buying outdoor furniture, who lives in new city of Nanning The Schilling erudite. She has a large terrace house, the original placed on the terrace of a rattan tables and chairs, but after two years of wind and sun, rattan furniture has been off the paint surface, and insects have been “seriously wounded” in the end only discarded. Lin recently renovated terrace, she specialized in outdoor furniture store, custom pavilion and a simple swing. “The selection of outdoor furniture, I focused on materials, selection of the charcoal wood preservative technology.” Schilling said.
      As the furniture placed in the outdoor space, inevitably the sun and rain. Many industry experts said the material, technology and anti-corrosion treatment of outdoor furniture should not be overlooked is the selection of the three major problems. Wood is the preferred material, in general, to choose a large oil timber, such as fir, pine, teak, etc., and must be done embalmed.
     “Production process is also very important, because long-term exposed, deformation is inevitable. If the process off, however, probably because of furniture mortise expansion coefficient is not strong or not but fall apart.” Outdoor Furniture Factory, Nanning and technical personnel of a Mr. Liu said that the wood outdoor furniture needs of paint protection. Compared to wood outdoor furniture, more durable metal materials, aluminum, or water treated by the best alloy material, but the attention to prevent shock. Rattan outdoor furniture quality beautiful, but expensive, and difficult to manage, easy to accumulate dust and mold, so be sure to choose good quality and specially treated.
      Song said the industry, the current quality of our products for  outdoor furniture, and environmental factors is no specific requirements and standards, a variety of products before sale and without censorship. However, experts advise, although the state has no standards for finished products, but the raw materials for the production of outdoor furniture has a certain quality and environmental requirements. Therefore, consumers in the purchase, you can view the related business documents, to distinguish good and bad materials.
      Although solid wood preservative preservative people worry
      Custom outdoor furniture in many materials, wood preservative because after corrosion process, is widely used the production of outdoor furniture, or used as outdoor floor. However, wood preservative process, the use of preservatives are harmful to humans, it is most concerned about the consumer.
     “Early in the wood preservative is used in CCA-C, B wood preservatives, preservative although some toxicity, but due to outdoor use only, so less harmful. Now, there have been ACQ-D, C, B wood preservatives, the preservative through the wood preservative process, through environmental standards, and its toxicity greatly reduced. “wood preservative to do business has more than 7 years” Laojiang Hu, “Sun said the boss, by the thermal expansion of wood preservative shrinkage effects of wood preservative in the laying of the floor, they usually need to leave about 5 mm expansion joints.
       Reporters in an interview that the price of wood preservative is not cheap, because it itself is solid wood, so wood preservative price is 120 yuan per square meter. If you want to customize into furniture, and then calculated the price based on the materials used. While the unit price is not cheap, but the average family size is not large balcony, many families find it acceptable, compared to an ordinary solid wood floors, it is relatively cheap.
       For Custom outdoor furniture, the shelf life of the issue, the reporter asked a number of brand agents. They said the sale of furniture and interior is different, and more outdoor furniture sale and the quality assurance process is divided into two parts and material quality, construction and technology is the outdoor furniture in the production process appears flawed, such as tables, chairs, bench legs breakage, this part of the most one year warranty. The quality of raw materials is the material used for product quality assurance, we understand this part of the warranty on the market time of 10 to 30 years, the situation is different. Since no standard Custom outdoor furniture, and no mandatory quality time, so experts suggest that consumers, contracts, projects and time at the warranty must be careful, notes, the more clearly as possible.

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