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May 8, 2016

Custom hotel furniture from china factory

Custom hotel furniture, we have professional designers, workers, design and Custom hotel furniture, office furniture, house furniture, model room furniture, bar furniture, restaurant furniture.
Custom hotel furniture selection is very important to an art, and embodied in the entire space inside the hotel layout, environment, atmosphere, indoor display features.
Can be said that high-end Custom hotel furniture and pay attention to process is now more complex, while a gradual trend of compatibility with the civilian. Requires not only the comfort of the hotel furniture, but also pay attention to style and style, and traditional Chinese furniture, Ming and Qing process technology combined with European style, pay attention to changes in shape and material of the elegant, wood products, there has been more and more carved, Frosting process affixed to platinum, etc., cost a lot of money, the trend for each hotel furniture factory workers in the technology strength and level of challenge are presented
Custom hotel furniture, the hotel projects, hotel projects and interior design of the line design for the environment, need to directly consider the harmony of interior features and the environment, also required under the stars to different standards and different requirements of different styles, Custom hotel furniture general Including the hotel room furniture, hotel room furniture, restaurant furniture, public area furniture and conference furniture.
And sub-standard hotel room furniture, bedroom furniture, business furniture suites, presidential suites of furniture, hotel furniture in here focused on the heaviest proportion of total hotel room furniture.
In general, the functional requirements of the Custom hotel furniture and furniture similar to a basic, relatively speaking, the general form of the following furniture:
Hotels, bed sets, dresser, nightstand, luggage table, TV cabinet, leisure chair, tea a few tops, and other accessories. Wardrobe general site construction completed by the renovation company.

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