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April 18, 2016

The criteria of rattan patio furniture

    Rattan patio furniture  is a major part of the quality of rattan patio furniture is that people are most concerned about the time of purchase, and in any case, no one wants to buy back their own well rattan patio furniture is only a one-off . Then the high-quality rattan patio furniture should look like that?
       Currently, the rattan patio furniture has a safety standard, the standard number is EN581-1: 2006, which is the standard from the European Union, which provides a number of tables and chairs for outdoor security requirements, and not the quality of outdoor tables and chairs Requirements. In this regard, also need to buy themselves a lot to grasp. From the use of perspective, the quality of the outdoor tables and chairs should have the following aspects of the product

  1, solid solid. This is the basic quality of rattan patio furniture. Outdoor tables and chairs mobility larger, more experienced bump, even if this is the outdoor tables and chairs shoddy “tofu dregs” in the use of vulnerable, then it will bring customers into the negative experience of leisure.

       2, a good surface protection. This is evidenced by the availability of outdoor tables and chairs, not just feel good, outdoor tables and chairs for their own protection is also very important. Furniture such as aluminum or iron furniture, rattan craft using the surface often, so not only feel good, elegant in style, material on the surface of tables and chairs also play a good protection. Is well known that iron will rust if exposed to air, then used to prepare a protective layer of PVC rattan chairs in the iron surface, iron the paint layer will not easily be destroyed.

       3, rattan patio furniture the security is higher. Standard EN581-1: 2006 the main emphasis on the safety of outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor tables and chairs required edge, corner, side and other parts of the structure to avoid user injury. Of course, security is a prerequisite for the construction of outdoor tables and chairs should be sturdy solid.

       4, the shape is reasonable, design of human nature. Outdoor tables and chairs are part of the system of modern leisure, so they should be presented to the user a greater sense of beauty and comfort, such as pool chairs have adjustable height backrest, preferably with wide balcony table and chairs and comfortable armrests, etc. back.

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