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October 5, 2016

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Before the Santa Ynez and Santa Maria boys tennis groups began their recent tennis match in the Los Padres League Center Minami, veteran Santa Ynez coach Larry Popkin had resigned himself to guide his team from a bleacher seat back hard.

Then the veteran coach Rod Santa Maria Garcia, a co-coach of the year, unveiled a special Aluminum pe rattan folding chair . paper stuck to the chair of exploration, colorful letters, “reserved for coaches with a minimum of fifty coaching experience …….. LESS YEARS EXPERIENCE: KEEP your buns off.” Santa Ynez assistant coach Walt Seemann shouted: “How a rocker a few?” Popkin, Garcia once said: “He’s a guy so fine”, took his seat privileged. He has been training in Santa Ynez for fifty years and the tennis team of children since 1984. Popkin began her teaching time in Santa Ynez in 1961 and taught there “until 1995 or 1996, and I subbed there until a few years,” said Popkin.”I taught science there, physical science, biology, oceanography. I used to be so upset after it was determined to cut the program due to the economy of Oceanography. Who had been a program so exquisite. ”

Popkin predecessor as boys tennis coach, Dean Gilchrist, Santa Ynez took a championship CIF-Southern Section Division in 1979. Gilchrist coach since 1967 to 83.

During his time in Santa Ynez, Popkin has led to a tennis team of children to a sectional championship, and even to marry three of his former players. Popkin was on campus when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Popkin said it obtained a license from a day of Santa Barbara who gave you the authority to preside over the marriage of the then Jody Goldstein and James Reid. Reid played for the 1995 Santa Ynez team that Popkin tour of the CIF-Southern Section Division IV championship of children. Goldstein played for the team of ladies who trained Popkin. He said he also obtained a license from one day from the county court to preside over the marriage ceremony of the then Brenda Clark, another among women players before. “I’m not even going to recognize (to get a day off), however, the children knew,” said Popkin. “Therefore, I am glad I did. What an exquisite experience.” Popkin has trained in a range of programs in the university team and the football wrestling, junior varsity boys basketball, tennis and children and women.He began coaching women’s tennis in 1990. “We have won back-to-back league championships in women’s tennis in 1990 and 1991,” Popkin said.

Popkin team leader throughout that time? The Edell then Jennifer. She is the current Jennifer Rasmussen, head of Santa Ynez women’s tennis coach the past four years. Rasmussen took last season off to give birth to her second child, a daughter, and Popkin spoke to her.

Popkin laughed and said, “You know, I have an education in the variations between women and training children the main time I started coaching women’s tennis team.” I shouted to them to urge to go, the method he had as a football coach. one among the women shouted, “This is not the football team. do not have to yell at us and those who urge us to go.”

Rasmussen was the top trainer and Popkin was an assistant when the second place of women in Santa Ynez games lost top-ranked Sherman Oaks Buckley in the CIF championship game 2010 Southern Section Division four.

Popkin said he had a teaching association for a long time veteran of the Santa Ynez children and women’s volleyball coach Chip Fenenga. “chip Fenenga taught me for a long time, and he is the most important teacher dynamic that never really worked. Splendidly artistic experiments.”Santa Ynez

Fenenga of children volleyball squad had a good run of year in Los Padres League matches up to the Morro Bay upside down to the Pirates last week. As for the selection of children’s tennis Popkin, the Santa Ynez winning streak LPL was in forty-six games at press time.

Santa Ynez, to 6-0 in games of LPL, is headed for a five-peat the title of the LPL in the press time. Oh, yes, Popkin said earnestly when asked, recalled in particular in which it was the day Kennedy was assassinated.”I was teaching in the area of ​​S4. The news hit me once so laboriously learned that I had to make a case for me from the classroom. I had a relationship long before the man, what he represented. ”

Ken Gruendyke finished his second season as football coach Pirates head at the end of last season. Popkin was a young college football coach when you can Stenland led the university for a CIF-SS championship section. “I think it was in 1995,” Popkin said.

“Ken was my defensive coordinator once was the top varsity football coach in the eighties,” said Popkin. “The best assistant I ever had. Therefore, knowledge and excellent work ethic.”When asked if he thought the school students had changed abundant for decades, Popkin said, ” You know, I think that is higher today.

“Kids recognize a lot a lot of connection with what is happening in the world today because of the web. As a coach, kids these days to stay honest.

“They very cause to earn their respect, with what you are doing and saying. I would not have dreamed hard to my coach. (The relationship between athletes and coaches) is a lot of honest today. It makes us coaches. “

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