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April 4, 2016

How To choose Rattan outdoor furnitures

See get on the market today are mainly arbor and outdoor furniture, tables and chairs, wood is inseparable from the cast iron, steel, wood, rattan and so are several. Alone firm level, the sort is iron, wood, rattan. However, from mobile, to see the ease of handling, sorting, just reversed, and rattan as lightweight, easy to move back indoors, which in turn greatly extend its useful life. So exactly what material selection of furniture, or to see their own situation.
→ selection of solid wood material challenges the principle of tree species
Outdoor furniture as long as the long life and durability on it. Wrought iron and rattan material is relatively simple, not difficult to pick up on the outdoor wood furniture, more stringent requirements. Wood affected by the environment due to the different degree of differences, and so the selection should follow the following principles: Panel does not apply to outdoor furniture, sun and rain and susceptible to deformation. Relatively stable species should be selected, materials performance and stability of solid wood. In general, softwood is better than the hardwood. Solid wood furniture made only on the durability to be somewhat less certain, in order to obtain a longer life, outdoor furniture, cast iron is often combined with wood or steel and wood combination.
→ conservation methods also need to fine outdoor furniture conservation
As long as the furniture is placed outdoors, there are two general principles of conservation: first, should try to avoid sun and wind, the second is to avoid the destruction of the conservation of furniture surface layer. Basically, the surface of iron furniture have been plated or oxidation, the mechanical properties of the material itself is stronger, but also easy to wear, so the application was more extensive. Note that the selection must be in place anti-rust treatment, and wrought iron furniture, the protective effect of the surface oxide layer is very easy to wear and should be used as much as possible to avoid the bump on the furniture surface. After the surface of solid wood furniture wax or paint treatment, anti-corrosion treatment, while in the scrub to avoid damage when people do not use strong acid and alkali, so as not to damage the film. The rattan is a relatively more durable material, after the two, so the advantages of full use of its light, close up when not in as much as possible, otherwise life is very short.
Interests to ensure that there is no industry standard for outdoor furniture → 
    Outdoor furniture because there is no strict industry standards, therefore, the contract must reflect the product’s technical requirements, time of use, durability, paint time, the shelf life of such coatings, only technical standards reflected in the contract documents , was easy to deal with a dispute, the relevant departments can be based on technical requirements for product identification. Because the simulation of furniture in the outdoor use of the natural environment as well as wear and corrosion resistance to withstand a variety of very difficult, so there is no uniform technical standards, but with the outdoor furniture market is growing supplies to industry norms, the State and related departments should be introduced for the product quality standards. High-quality goods are always people resist, but must pay attention to what one can, do not do paycheck to paycheck. Young white-collar workers who are upholding a principle certainly will not regret spending: only buy, not buy expensive.
→ Consumer proposed the most important material outdoor furniture
    Buy the best selection of wood outdoor furniture, high oil content of wood, generally most of them choose fir and pine wood, teak, etc.; and mortise furniture, although the structure with the natural and pastoral beauty, but can be a good process. Buy outdoor furniture should choose metal or aluminum paint and waterproof treated alloy; If you select quality outdoor furniture, bamboo and rattan, it is best to use depending on the specific situation may be. Folding outdoor furniture to use more flexible and less space. Whether folding wooden outdoor furniture, or wrought iron, furniture, through connector so you can easily fold, which would allow the furniture in bad weather conditions, very easy to incorporate it, if you want to travel, you can easily zone go. In addition, rattan, plastic, aluminum, inflatable outdoor furniture because of the quality of light, and to meet the moisture, decay, rain and other characteristics, but also easy to move, shape is also very delicate.

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