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November 26, 2016

choose outdoor furnitures for your patio,using rattan or wicker style furnitures to decorate your outdoor room

Is your outdoor dining table in good condition but your chairs have seen better days? Can you keep your table and get new chairs? Is it OK if they don’t match? Or, would you like to add another piece of outdoor furniture to the sitting area you have already but it is not the same finish, or even material as the rest of what you own? YES! As a decorator, I am always encouraging my clients to mix and match furniture pieces to create a more personal setting. There are simple ways to handle this. Let’s see how some pros mix their outdoor pieces beautifully.
Unified by color. Take a look at a variety of different materials, shapes and colors of the sofa frame, chair, coffee and end table. The golden fabric seat and throw pillows patchwork excellent.
If you buy a variety of chairs, or chairs, dining tables, placemats, pillows, vases, or umbrella accent, in the same tone. Pier a similar pale yellow, the colors of outdoor chair.
Dining area and living room, far away from each other, through the use of rusty orange unified.
Within the space of a unified and balanced. From the other side of the tie through the blue pillows at both ends of the gathering space, and blue glass are concentrated in the center of the Ottoman reason.
In this case, to strike a balance through the head chair. When using a rectangular table, including the bold chair at either end to make it more dramatic. I dig this! And you just increase your seat!
Unity and furniture paint. The courtyard fusion MOD mixed salvage chic dining area, a modern living room. The key here is done on the white sofa and chairs. This is what tied to space. If you do not white Bubble Club sofa, white pillow can also be tied together.
Unified by the furniture finish. Outdoor Furniture, If you see a good deal that the current color; it may not be suitable for your current outdoor finish, but you can change the painting. This seating arrangement there is an interesting island feel.
Not uniform; divide up the space. Furniture to create a border. The dining area and lounge area are close to each other, but with a different outdoor sets. It works, because the boundary to create furniture placement. Around the living room fireplace, dining area, and bring it back.
Here is a furniture layout through another example to create a border. Positioned around the fireplace, wicker furniture, while not facing the dining area, space to become independent.
Here is another example of creating designated areas area carpet.
Ceiling, use a separate area. The arbor is to maintain this area – Furniture – also like the idea of the other area of your garden pots patio.I separation.
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