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April 15, 2016

How to choose the right outdoor furniture to spend leisure time relaxing it?

 Outdoor furniture  preservative treatment after the general first, and then brush on the surface layer of tung oil and let it penetrate the wood’s texture, so even if the rain will not enter into the furniture itself. Maintenance of wooden furniture usually good to use for a long time as long as the basis of a clean layer of tung oil to brush on. More importantly, wooden furniture  furniture is more suitable for modern, minimalist style of the indoor environment, the line based on the generally straight line, others exaggerated form is better. Indoor environment for the pastoral style, the wood qualities easy to do, the natural texture and temperament are relatively easy to coordinate, through the fine lines and details to create a calm atmosphere of life. People who like Outdoor furniture, should use the higher oil content of Outdoor furniture made ​​of wood, such as teak. This wooden furniture factory for maximum quality by preventing expansion or loose and brittle.

    As for the Outdoor furniture , general framework is aluminum, the rest of the PVC fabric structure, advantage is the smooth lines, luxurious and elegant pattern design, easy and classical style interior design coordination, so that hardness with softness. Like to buy outdoor metal furniture, and people should choose the side or aluminum alloy paint and waterproofing materials, such materials can best withstand the wind and rain outside.

With imitation rattan outdoor umbrella tables and chairs, suitable for display on the top floor terrace or garden, full of European style iron tables and chairs are European-style villa of choice. A relaxing Outdoor furniture, with just the soft, supple firmness, and in durable, cool, not mold and moth, acid corrosion, waterproof, breathable, does not crack deformation, especially cool in the summer heat has become more conspicuous, with Remove sweat and body affinity, heat-absorbing moisture and other unique advantages. Those who like Outdoor furniture, this furniture should pay attention to conservation, rain wiped clean in time.

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