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April 3, 2016

The choice of bed and placed a stress

Bed is the most important instruments rattan bedroom sets is a place to sleep it off, but they are closely related with the descendants of reproduction. Li Li Weng “Xian Qing Ou Ji” said a very insightful in the words: “Life of the calendar years when the home of their half day, night home of their half. Day in which the land, or lying, or veranda, or boat or car The total no fixed location, and at night which is only rattan bedroom sets. a bed who is a total thing I half-phase, compared with end points have made were also finds no Jew, one of those to be material than its thickest this. “Precisely because of bed in the person’s life occupies an important position, so the location of bed placed is very important.
Reasonable size and furnishings
For the bed itself, to consider is the length, width is adequate, the bed body is smooth, and if it has good support and comfort.
There are many pay attention to the size of rattan bedroom sets, in general, buy a 1.9 m-long mattress is better. If the height than the unique people, can grasp this principle, the mattress height plus length is 20 cm pillow position. Bed height of the mattress surface as the standard, the proposed height of 46 cm with up to 50 cm high. This is because our chair sitting 40 centimeters high, if you sat on the bed, 46 cm mattress compression of just about 40 cm height.
Need to use small and medium size rattan bedroom sets storage, such as the mattress surface lower than 46 cm, the little available space. Some mattress surface to 56 cm high, and even 63.5cm, hanging feet when sitting, very uncomfortable. Not suitable for small and medium size bedroom end of the bed rails use bed, because it is easy to bump into your legs, sometimes due to space between the end of the bed can also be made of chamfered or rounded corners. If the end of the bed retracted into the 10 cm, so that both look good, and convenient.
Mattress surface bedside table should be the same height, too high will hit the head too low, then put things inconvenient.
Crib is surrounded by a fence common bed, it can make the child lie in it are safe, you can observe the outside world, but the wooden fence not less than 6 cm intervals to prevent the child falling or card holder. Crib on the market generally lower the bed, some only 30 cm -40 cm, parents must bend in baby food, and often feel back pain, so it should be boosted to 65 cm -75 cm. After the kids grew older, often without food, lower and lower back to the original height.
Placed in the bed with stress
From the perspective of modern science, rattan bedroom bed should not be placed in the following eight:
1. Should not be in bed under the window. This is because the head of the bed under the window, sleep in feelings of insecurity. In case of strong winds, thunderstorms, and days, this feeling is strong. Furthermore, the window is well ventilated place, people sleep in the slightest mistake will catch a cold. If the family has children, children born with a good move, easy to take bed Pachuang, so it is dangerous.
2. rattan bedroom bed should not be located in the bedroom door or window ventilation. People living room bedroom bed to see at a glance, make the bedroom a quiet sense of lack, of sleep, but also unsightly.
3. Not being placed in bed Mirror. This is mainly due to people up at night, especially when the person in the twilight of sleep or waking nightmare awakened in low light areas, to see in the mirror or other activities, easily frightened.
4. Avoid uneven rattan bedroom bed. Modern multi-pad with the spring, if the poor quality mattresses, spring deformation, it will affect health. So choose the mattress is also very important to avoid election too hard or too soft mattress, or a long curved spine, and sleep for a long time affect the blood circulation, fatigue easily make people sick.
5. Not to put their things under the bed. rattan bedroom sets, the shadows are often not very breathable, put debris, easy to breed bacteria due to damp or moldy, while usually it is difficult to clean up that will become health corners.
6. Should not put things to bed. This is because the Earth itself has a magnetic field exists, the direction of the magnetic field from north to south (sub-Antarctic and the Arctic), the magnetic field has attracted iron, cobalt, nickel and the nature of the human body contains three elements, especially the blood contains large amounts of iron (hemoglobin in red blood cells), so sleep will change things to the distribution of blood in the body, especially the brain blood distribution, which can cause insomnia or dream, the impact of sleep quality.
7. Bedside should not be virtual reality, the rattan bedroom sets should be against the wall, not the window, the bed against the wall if you do not, then, must have a bed headboard, so that the head Buzhi Yu vacant, and that is not behind the toilet or bedside kitchen.
8. Not a beam press, so as to avoid oppression. Also detrimental to human health. Such conditions also include a beam pressure is not the bedroom door, split air conditioning unit will not be hung on the bedroom pillow bit above the top of the rattan bedroom sets is not hanging chandeliers, which all belong to the scope of beam presses.
I recently added to our excellent home rattan rattan bed several beautiful, full of natural rattan sun factor, smooth, breathable, cool and flexible; to add a home health rattan bed after all this a wise choice for older relatives or friends a gift This rattan bed has become more conspicuous and love your benefits Cong.

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