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April 26, 2016

China rattan patio furniture, summer get together to create time and space

    With China rattan patio furniture,terrace is a reading, a good place to rest, a cup of tea, a rattan chair, a sun, an afternoon. Like a quiet time here Tangtang, and sunbathing. Like romantic at night when the stars. This is how many people are looking forward to leisurely busy city life. With the increasing pressure of life at home more and more popular in the layout of the terrace. A taste of the people, make room in color with random walk between cold and warm, modern and garden style to achieve switching between the heart, and a patio decorated to achieve this goal is to create a leisurely mood Now on a good layout look and enjoy family time bar terrace  with china rattan patio furniture.
     Girlfriends Midsummer Night’s Dream World — Terrace
     Remember the last time with friends is how long ago the idea? If you can not remember, it is your friendship for a long time ignored, why not take advantage of this cool summer night, looking for three to five girlfriends Cuxitanxin the terrace, the expulsion pressure and enjoy the warmth. Private space like this, the atmosphere created is the most critical to the premise of comfort, lightweight china rattan patio furniture, futon, carpet can solve the problem sit; drinks and other small snacks can be placed on the ground.
Solve the problem of sitting
     If you plan long-term placement in the interior china rattan patio furniture, outdoor patio to choose durable furniture. If the spur of the moment’s Friends Party, as the block directly in the upper terrace large carpet, throw on a thick cushion sat on the floor well, the best choice for summer, cotton carpet, because of its good air permeability; cushion can select full of personality , it is best not to use the sofa cushions just kill.
     If there is no carpet, covered with mats, placed two china rattan patio furniture futon can be to enjoy the cool air when the child is a study about the scene better. If you take the demanding comfort, do not want to “sleeping on the ground,” then moved to the sofa like light, of course, is the premise of a hurry to buy.
To create a moving light
     Candles are suitable for this space, because the face of candlelight, people will relax more easily open up, but pay attention to wind, it is best to use a wind shield of the candlestick. Terrace is best to use a waterproof lamps, such as waterproof pendant, it is both light and is an ornament; if there is no power on the terrace, with a battery that is the preferred decorations, such as the bird into the pot a few light in to a fairy tale like fantasy kingdom.
     Gathering of friends definitely need to add to the fun wine, so select several beautiful wine glasses and cutlery to regulate the atmosphere also some china rattan patio furniture. Even if the lights dim, but the pattern of generous, colorful tableware, or to brighten people’s. Also, if prepared to wait a long time on the terrace, but also to prepare several thin shawls, the low temperature of Fuling Chen.
Two of the world anytime, anywhere this evening —
Storage debris clean visual
     Some people do not like to be placed on the china rattan patio furniture, for fear of space, in fact, less likely to dissipate into the atmosphere debris induction, but it looks messed up, people sit here, not interested. To deal with this situation, you can choose some neat close Nag, put away the debris in different categories; There is also not overlook the use of the wall — the wall to install a few hooks, hanging basket or small rattan basket to when for debris collection basket, and can even go into the little pot!
Privacy laws and beautiful
     If the admission done right, the balcony can make a fuss about a lot of places they can even put some china rattan patio furnitures too! Placed in the best outdoor furniture on the balcony can be varnish, and to choose the more easy to clean, and the other folding furniture could save a lot of space.
    Want to love you anywhere and enjoy the beautiful summer, requires both beautiful and also need privacy, which can be easily achieved with gauze and shutters, gauze buy a little bit thicker, or the wind may be blowing a bit of a “flee”; blinds shading results were better, but it looked very dull, you need to take the initiative to make it more beautiful, such as hand-drawn blinds your declaration of love, or paste your intimate photos, household tips is simple romance tips very effective.
     In addition, with china rattan patio furniture the summer plants and flowers are often its most vigorous, so much as a balcony with their decorations, right, beautiful and environmentally friendly, but also close to.

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