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January 13, 2017

china rattan chair is how the tradition?Have you studied it?


Wicker patio furniture is always referred to as “classic”. Its origins can be traced back to 3000, British Columbia in ancient Egypt. The wicker chair along the Nile Pharaoh and their families lounge. The wicker’s throne. Beds, baskets, tables and boxes are using this material.

In ancient Rome, Mark Antony likely to buy these furniture wicker from the time of Cleopatra in Egypt. Egyptian weaving style is different, dark colors, such as brown and green, the Romans prefer a more subtle, such as beige and white. In addition, the weaving style is elegant and straight.

In the 15th century, wicker arrived in China, and use of these materials for storage and maintenance of the sacred writings. Weaving style becomes finer, thinner. It is in the philosophy of the times.

Wicker reached Africa before U.S. colonial rule. African wicker as shielding, rather than to use it in the furniture. Weaving style is loose, rather than embellishment.

By the early settlers, wicker introduced to Americans. The design is simple yet elegant Victorian touch. Typically white and beige colors, they are used as luggage and storage trunks.

In today’s modern lifestyle, wicker still as a patio needs a few pieces of furniture in the world. Prior to this, most of the wicker furniture china rattan chair or cane, and some people made out of bamboo. Have types of plant material have been developed in the period of time. Today, wicker patio furniture can be made out of a traditional or synthetic or a mix of wicker. The traditional wicker is made of wood. Synthetic plastic. Finally, made out of wood and plastic mixing wicker.

Made out of wicker furniture has come a very long way to go. Wicker patio furniture in our homes will leave a “classic” will always be an elegant masterpiece at home.

In the courtyard filled with tropical furniture

Do you often dream to retire at age 65, living in warm and tropical places. When you are close to the dream, to find a suitable house, wide lawns, a swimming pool and a terrace. This will require a lot of money. However, for the low-budget, you can have your dream patio. Maintain a simple, easy to maintain courtyard you reach. Of course, you must choose the right patio furniture is weatherproof, anti-children and pets to prove.

Patio furniture There are many on the market, some marble, wrought iron, bent tube, aluminum, wood, or wicker. If you want to live near the beach, and wrought iron is not you. You can choose to light with tropical wicker or china rattan chair and plump cushion. You can paint them white mat, and cover printing the bright durable cotton fabric. Although artificial leather is also a good choice, because it is very easy to wipe with a damp cloth furniture cushions, washable fabrics are a good choice. Just remember, you need a low maintenance garden furniture, the convenience of living.

Invite friends to a barbecue, ensure that there are enough seats for all people armchairs, sofas, sofa, hammock here so they can rest while waiting for the barbecue food. If you have children or pets around, they might be inclined to spilled drinks or stinking thing in your furniture. If you have the right patio furniture, low maintenance, easy to clean, then you do not have to worry about it.

Your patio floor should also prove material in bad weather in warm earth colors to match your furniture. Add a large number of potted plants or flowering shrubs in your yard, you have your own, you can relax with your favorite book, a cold drink in your hand, or listening to soft music, and you stumbled a hidden small. This may be all you need to get rid of a busy life, close to your ideal dream retirement paradise.

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