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August 16, 2017

china rattan chair in order to buy a lot of are Rattan do, if you are interested, you can go online to look to suit their own


In recent years, you’ve probably seen the latest variant of the furniture. Some of which are very the impressive wooden furniture and other elegant look lovely rattan furniture made of natural rattan or resin wicker accessories for outdoor areas. In addition, some combination of wood and rattan products wonderful cabinet. Is made of natural rattan products, the china rattan chair need to perform some simple clean-up activities, so the furniture looks great. Enter the furniture production process, the original vines with special liquid, so that they can resist the error. What other things you need to know about the vine?

Rattan is very much like plant that grows in tropical regions such as Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, China and the shore. Although there is no exact historical data, but vine to vine spread has been used by early humans crafts furniture. Japan within a very short period of time and products like rattan and other Chinese-made furniture and baskets. Singapore was the largest exporter of rattan furniture at the same time, because of this small country is Indonesia, where the majority of the world’s rattan population from nearby. However, as a result of the cessation of the original rattan export regulation announced by the Indonesian government, which came to an abrupt end.

Once the original plantation or garden vine harvest, wash them in the river, in order to eliminate any strains in Borneo, Indonesia, straight. After, the original color of the vine is actually a green turn to yellow color, most people are familiar with. In order to ensure the highest quality raw rattan in the decision-making process, artisans need to be dried. The excess water is something that needs to be eliminated, if people want the original rattan, just like people do wood processed into high-end china rattan chair. To complete this stage, the original vine need dry twenty-three days, in the extreme heat of the sun. In the meantime, the original vine is ready to enter the decision-making process.

Sometimes, people get confused distinguish rattan, cane and wicker furniture. Wicker furniture is absolute weaving techniques or methods do produce this “wicker” is very easy to distinguish, sugar cane and rattan. Sugarcane is the stems of the plants, like bamboo, rattan, reed. Rattan certainly is a plant, which is the name of the climbing palm species. This plant can grow up to a few hundred feet dry covered with thorns. The skilled craftsman quality rattan distorted masterpiece rattan products. Although the vine is grown in Australia, Africa and parts of Asia, the rattan furniture wholesale buyers must consider the best sources of Southeast Asian countries.

Due to its flexibility and brightness really like sitting in a wicker chair, and enjoy the warmth of the sun and when at home, the rain came. Furniture made from natural indeed the design of indoor space, but of course you can out of it, especially in the summer. Will not have any difficulty, put it inside when the weather changes, because it is lightweight.

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