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August 14, 2017

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Asian-style decoration is as simple as possible, because it is built in every room of quiet and beautiful scenery. In the vertical and horizontal pieces of the balance and the spirit of the ebb and flow of the project. Vases and plants ranging from the back of the chair to shape, and should be integrated into the china rattan chair. The decorative in Asia, bamboo, rattan always played an important role. Natural colors, they showed the most significant features of many completed today, from red and green to dark brown and black, shows love for life or theatrical stage set. With so many wicker furniture and accessories in every room of the home with its own characteristics.

Two different types of Asian Art

For centuries, Asian decoration to its roots in the careful use of color and position to maintain a clean and simple analysis. For those who like to clutter the environment, its impact is still very popular. There are two different ways to decorate, mainly related to the choice of colors.

Chinese influence decoration around the bold colors, red and gold. Ornate wall hangings, silk, and well-designed floor coverings to create a vibrant atmosphere. Glazed porcelain vases, should be implemented as a very detailed sculpture works of art. The paper lantern swinging tassels, a room of their own brands, can be supplemented by the lighting of candles sitting in the stands elaborate.

Victorian wicker to match the type of this style include works. Photographer chair into the couch and rockers, of their maze scroll fan line sweeping arched back, works recommended. Continuity of secret restraint by carefully overlapping the design and sensing how they blend.

The Japanese styling holders extreme minimalist approach, both in color and decoration. Space near modern with an array of neutral colors and a heavy accent furniture from the black frame. Paper panels and accessories, such as a simple abstract sculptures blend of wood frame room dividers. An end, another may begin to create a continuous flow, although the empty space has also played an important role. The walls should be kept light, soft gray or taupe, to further determine the furniture.

Modular wicker chairs and sofas work well with this minimalist appearance. Thin wide flat arms on the sofa of the same level of the back of a strong visual effect. Decorative arts with its subtle symmetrical diamond pattern, the speaker backs and closed woven wicker, can increase as accents seat.

Feng Shui wicker decorating tips

Rattan furniture, wood element in feng shui decoration. It can be especially useful in the home and work area for increased energy flow. Kidney shape a smaller desk, for example, will eliminate sharp corners. Possible to maintain the top, and all the remaining match in the drawer or cabinet.

In any area of the home, it is important to choose a simple works. china rattan chair should have an open base, bare legs, but skirt around, seats can be rod accents. See through the the lattice character space is conducive to the two sides in the following weapons. In a natural effect, each piece should have its special place, to maintain harmony. Pieces, perform one or more of work, such as wicker lounge chairs and a sofa bed, but also taking into account the arrangement of feng shui.

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