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March 29, 2016

China, Foshan rattan furniture exports market analysis table

    Rattan furniture exports a complete sense of china rattan furniture  exports furniture production process from raw material preparation, through the production of rattan furniture exports, exports of china rattan furniture paint finishes to the final product packaging and storage, and many other links and steps. 
      Rattan furniture exports because of the paint process in the last two “Shenzhen Furniture” Some professionals are already discussed in detail before, so this time focusing on wood panel production technology process. Referred to panel furniture production technology in the eyes of many very simple three-step integration of a material, sealing, drilling, but also nothing less than the equipment used in cutting and sawing, edge banding machine, drill row. Structure is no more than 32 series disassembly point connections, etc.
        In fact, actual exports of china rattan furniture panel furniture production process is far more complex than these, the same piece of sheet metal, some as long as the twelve process can be completed, and some dozen or even dozens of procedures Road to complete. Such as the drawer bottom, is expected to open as long as you can, and if a more complex cabinet panel with honeycomb structure is hollow, face veneer, solid wood edge and have side edge type, even above the glass mosaic. The processing of a single panel will two dozen procedures to complete, so that the plate with the complexity of technology product design, product structure, 
       Rattan furniture exports of materials and the production of the type species the number of online products and many other factors closely related to the more involved the more complex elements. Plate main elements of the production process: raw materials, process documents, equipment, operation and the corresponding quality of workers and production management systems. Time and place where raw materials are the prerequisite and basis for the entire process, and process documents is throughout the manufacturing processes and management activities based on the action, process the file to a comprehensive and detailed. Process documents about furniture: effect diagram, the three views, exploded parts, 
      Rattan furniture export processing map parts, hardware parts list, packaging solutions, installation diagrams, materials list (BOM), parts machining process sheets, product manual. Which parts and components and spare parts for process flow diagram to combine the table of parts with the production line to run the best products simultaneously. Parts and components inside the main content flow chart to cover the name, size, quantity, material, batch, process considerations, special inspection standards, working hours, procedures, and serial number and other basic elements. Equipment and operating workers are processing security.
The main panel furniture production process:

    Rattan furniture exports furniture surface materials and finishes its effects have not the same in different processes, the main representative categories are: veneer furniture, stickers panel furniture, solid color panel furniture, melamine furniture category and class from the above composed of a mixture of two or more type of furniture.

    China rattan furniture, furniture export the process of several categories based on the process, there are some special, such as bending of thick paste. Actual operation, because by the cost and other factors, usually you have me, I have you, it is worth mentioning that the current cellular core with a wide range of applications, panel furniture will be more complicated process.
Plate production process (process design) with the product design, structural design of the relationship:

    China rattan furniture exports is a mutual influence between the three interdependent relationship. First, the product design can not be divorced from the main characteristics of furniture, to be able to implement and adapt the furniture production process requirements. In addition, the popular product style, will bring the product in large quantities, large quantities of furniture is a prerequisite to play its technology advantage, the structural design of the product and process modeling a link, both the internal skeleton of the product appearance is product technology, the soul. 
        Rattan furniture export products of a reasonable and simple design for mass production of craft products to create a favorable first-order conditions, and a highly efficient and reasonable production process design can effectively reduce production costs, product eventually based on the market, and favored by consumers, giving strong support. So to have a high standard of product process design product design should start with the grab. This is the immature domestic furniture design team the main source of
       China rattan furniture exports to the designer’s own expertise is not comprehensive, that the design is design, as the product structure, production technology is not important, or look on it. In fact, the structure of the product itself and its production process is the product exterior design of the soul lies.
How to improve the processing of furniture production process performance:

How to export rattan furniture plate production line in a performance of play to the extreme, so that it can maximize the production of the enterprise to create value, every concern of business owners

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