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April 24, 2016

Casual outdoor furniture, allowing you to enjoy leisure time summer 2011

     Garden, sunshine, flowers, fresh air, matched with casual outdoor furniture, to sit down and a cup of tea, or simply do not want anything, let your thoughts flying, how pleasant outdoor living. Previously, casual outdoor furniture is a luxury, houses of the patent, a symbol of identity and status. When the leisure lifestyle outdoor furniture has become a part of the city who could not hold back its enthusiasm. In fact, just a hard layout, a balcony, even if only a corner of the garden can be constructed out of a feeling.
     A warm sun shining on the balcony in the afternoon leisure time, a garden at home “on stage” friends party … … in the TV series in America and Europe, and so the wonderful scenes we s heart. In fact, today around us, with a home garden, balcony floor is no longer new, even if you do not go out hiking, choose a few favorite pieces of outdoor furniture as casual fashion in their own home allows you to enjoy the pleasant outdoor living.
Diverse styles, sales promising
   “Summer heat, more and more people prefer to stay at home, choose some suitable balcony, terrace or casual outdoor furniture placed into the scope of the consumer to their own lives the best way to extend outdoor, casual outdoor furniture  naturally became instant hit. “Ou Yada home store salesman told reporters, after entering in June, they store sales of outdoor furniture, leisure time showed a significant upward trend. Subsequently, the reporter in the North Park Avenue home of several large stores were visited and found that there is clearly the major home stores put on a “outdoor home war,” the main event, a number of stores in specially set up a “casual outdoor furniture zone”, as well as Some stores will be placed in a conspicuous location of outdoor furniture, arranged to “Image Exhibition Hall”, a balcony table, folding table, hammock … … all types of casual outdoor furniture can be described as readily available.
     Home store in the East Asian official told reporters that they store each year beginning from early May, will be launched various models and types of casual outdoor furniture, cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars. “Now, more and more consumers begin to favor this at home, and the natural ‘intimate contact’ of the ‘cool Ya’ lifestyles, consumers spend much, you can enjoy at home and comfortable outdoor leisure life, and this stylish, easy to carry casual outdoor furniture, not only in their own homes to meet consumer needs close to nature, while still in the park, picnic useful when, reflecting the unfettered leisure fun. ”
Practical and beautiful, free “DIY”
    “These casual outdoor furniture is not only beautiful appearance, but also very practical, either design or installation, is full of fun, if not buy, casual look, experience, experience is good.” Elegance in the home store, casual outdoor furniture on the situation there Gong Li single minute, told reporters that her house home garden nearly 20 square meters, in order not to waste such a good outdoor space, her own home garden will be designed as a distinctive small garden. Are well-planted garden of flowers, adding a few to this round outdoor beach chair, absolutely exotic. “For those outdoor space is relatively large consumers, outdoor leisure furniture naturally come in handy, but the balcony of my house less than 10 square meters, no way could I enjoy my ‘cool Ya’ life? “For the public doubts Wang, this casual outdoor furniture stores in the professional sales staff gives the answer,” In fact, the essence of casual outdoor furniture is casual and casual, outdoor space, whether your home is large or small, can for you to find outdoor furniture. “The sales staff said that now the market has many collapsible storage function of leisure outdoor furniture,” a relatively small outdoor space that consumers can make use of this outdoor furniture, for their own small balcony to create a good place for leisure and small pieces of casual outdoor furniture with an exquisite feeling, often better reflect the owner’s exquisite taste. ”
Each with personality, different categories
    “In fact, casual outdoor furniture into the Chinese market really is not a long time, from the earliest placed in outdoor plastic chairs to the sun now a professionally designed home of ordinary consumers into multi-functional outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture, but also through their own course of development. “Edited by Hal Foster decorative designer told reporters, many consumers are in love with outdoor furniture, but few people know that imitation rattan outdoor furniture have different categories. In general, outdoor furniture can be divided into three categories, one category is such as swing, wooden tables and chairs suitable for such long-term display in the outdoor or outdoor furniture, such furniture material is better, but because of long-term placement in the outdoors, so it is necessary constant maintenance. And as chair, hammock, woven bamboo and rattan furniture such as these, though comfort and good, but since the use of bamboo and rattan and other woven fabrics, it is more easy to stick gray, not very easy to clean. The last category is the number of professional canvas for outdoor sports or simple metal furniture, such furniture, highly portable, but the comfort and aesthetics will be worse, so consumers can be the basis of these different attributes of outdoor furniture , to find that a suitable.

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