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April 12, 2016

How to take care of Rattan Furnitures

     First, I would like to know what you say is a natural rattan furniture,  or synthetic rattan furniture. natural rattan furniture and synthetic rattan furniture are easy to be distinguished, and do not need to close-up capital;
    Second, if synthetic rattan furniture, very easy to maintain, you need to do is stay away from heat sources, because the  synthetic rattan furniture synthetic materials are polyester resin materials, high temperatures can cause soft rattan, rattan tables and chairs out so beautiful ; others should pay attention to not use hard objects like scissors to plan, cut it very difficult recovery because, unlike natural rattan furniture so strong;
    Third, if a natural rattan furniture, the need for regular use of salt scrub, you can decontamination, it can be changed in the soft cane, used to avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading dry.
    Fourth, if your frame is aluminum rattan furniture, then the time can be used to maintain normal tap water rinse, then wipe with a dry cloth, but if the frame is an iron structure, avoid direct flushing water, or rust, affecting Life.
Fifth, in peacetime, when the use of rattan furniture, rattan should pay attention to the interface, try not to change the port exposed outside the cane, or easy to take shape.

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