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March 27, 2016

How to buy and maintain Rattan furnitures

1, rattan furniture in addition to handmade fine art, novel and beautiful, the most important is to examine the wicker material is excellent. Rattan surface such as wrinkles, indicating that the rattan furniture is processed by young, poor toughness and low strength, easily broken, and corrosion. Rattan timber stress, in addition to the vines with the outside of Yunnan, a lot of Rattan from Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, these vines, hard texture, the same thickness end to end.

2, can be grabbed the edge of rattan furniture, gently shake look and feel the framework is not stable.

3, wipe the surface with the palm of your hand in the furniture again, if it is smooth, not difficult to handle in the feeling on the right.

4, look at the furniture surface gloss is not uniform, is spotted, the traces of different colors and moth-eaten.

5, in the use and storage, do not make contact and close to the fire and heat, not on the sun for a long time exposure; otherwise, easily deformed, bending, cracking, loose, come off.

6, with light salt water to clean furniture, that is able to decontamination, but also to maintain a long-lasting flexibility, you can also have some anti-fragile, anti-moth-eaten effect.

7, rattan furniture are most afraid of the gray and difficult to clean, dust free surface, usually a soft cloth moistened with the can. Gap between the paintbrush or a vacuum cleaner dust, clean, non-destructive use of the surface of the cleaning agents rattan furniture, or solvents to clean, wash with water and avoid direct exposure to the sun so as not to lose the flexibility of rattan and luster.

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