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January 5, 2017

Buy exquisite bedroom furniture, make your life colorful!


Aspen bedroom furniture is selected, you have a wide choice, remember, is in the United States Aspen furniture. You do not just patriotic strengthen in helping the U.S. economy, but the American furniture is one of the best in the world. Here is a brief review of the Aspen furniture, bedroom made special mention of the company’s collection.

Not all of the furniture sold in the United States, the U.S. company in the United States – a considerable number of manufacturing in China these days, but the Aspen makes its furniture in Arizona. Aspen Cambridge collection offers a choice of beautiful cherry bedroom furniture, black and brown eggshell white finish.

Cambridge Series in Aspen

This range is the 18 traditional British design and furniture with clean lines oscillator, the result is a lovely elegant looks good in any home, is typical of the modern American furniture. The beds mattress height system JustRight the slats can be adjusted height to accommodate different thickness of the mattress.

The extended end of two full drawers include additional storage space, stainless steel ball bearing rails running very smooth operation. These beds are double, queen and king size. The average height of the mattress, nightstand with drawers and two shelves to meet the needs of about 29-30 inches from the floor. If you wish, is a three-drawer nightstand, open shelves.

Cambridge Aspen bedroom furniture range, it also provides a 64-inch wide 7 drawer double dresser mirror match and entertainment chest with three drawers and two open shelves receiver box or VCR. Top of your flat-screen TV, to provide you with a clear view of the television, even lying down in your bed. All in the United States, to establish a high standard of workmanship.

You can also choose a 52-inch high 6 drawer chest in the same three completed. In addition, if you are a short-term installation in your king-size bed, bedside table, perhaps closet space, you may not have a dresser and chest space. In this case, the the Aspen indoor furniture you Qiese options: only in the United States, Qiese advantage of the combination of a chest of drawers and dressing table mirror match.

“A Sibei Field range

American furniture is not any better than this, but at the Aspen bedroom furniture series go further. Cambridge collection is not for you, then the Bayfield range may be – this is a collection of solid spruce production of American furniture in a dark mahogany.

, King and California king size bed collected in Bayfield, so for the majority of the U.S. population. You can select regular or storage pedals. The latter provide dual drawer, drawer sizes 31W described 24D of the 7H inch king-size bed. Queen-size bed drawer is the same size, but the width of 6 inches.

The Bayfield collection from one of the main design features of Cambridge, Bayfield bed sleigh bed headboard design. You can easily convert from a common style of your bed, the headboard of the sleigh bed design changes.

The Bayfield Series also includes a 9 drawer chesser feeling lining the top of the drawer, your jewelry. Chest of 44 inches entertainment not just as a bedroom TV cabinet. It has four drawers, top drawer flip your TV components, such as satellite TV set-top box at the same time, the next down another flip-type power outlet and HDMI connection, a laptop.

Therefore, you can use it, not just before going to bed to watch TV, but also watch live online streaming or download files to a laptop via TV link, or access to the Internet for personal or commercial use. This is a very useful bedroom furniture, you will not miss, unless you already have!

Made in USA

These are just two Aspen home furniture, bedroom furniture collection. Like the living room and dining room furniture, every one in the United States. The purchase of U.S. furniture does not necessarily mean you have to buy the best quality, because the United States is like any other country – it provides the bad and the good!

However, Aspen furniture seems to offer the best elements of some real American furniture design and process. You can not ask much more than that, if you are looking for furniture in the United States, then the Aspen bedroom furniture is one of the best American furniture market today.

When home decor and furniture in the United States, it is important that every piece of technology to a high standard. Aspen bedroom furniture to provide the highest quality of some of the best prices in Atlanta furniture.

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