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April 1, 2016

Bar Sets lift rod installation and removal method

Bar Stools Pneumatic lift lever, also known as gas springs, pneumatic rod, gas spring, usually used in high-grade swivel chair, bar chair, computer office chairs and other furniture, it can adjust the height and angle of Bar Stools in order to achieve the perfect embodiment of the human body mechanics.
In order to reduce transportation costs, I have excellent rattan furniture, home demolition is usually after the packaging of such delivery, the customer receives the goods after the install. Mast installation is very simple, not technical, as long as one or two steps to easy to get.
Bar Stools Installation:
1. The bulk of the gas rod inserted into the center of the chair chassis hole;
2. To top of the chair and the gas lever head butt, head into his Bar Stools to face the bottom of the hole in the center of the tray;
3. The lift can debug, sat a few times, gas bars and other components will be increasingly interlinked.
1. First down picked up a chair upside down to, and make Bar Stoolsfrom the ground, while with a hammer (the best point of cardboard wrapped head to avoid damage to the chair) hit the bulk of the bottom of the gas lever, the chair upper part of gravity, inertia, and percussion force of working together, a little effort to hit several times with the gas lever can be separated with a chair leg.
2. Seize the Bar Stools, down the chair and to carry Bar Stools from the ground, hit hard with a hammer cushion the bottom of the metal tray (base), so that the upper part of the chair of gravity, inertia, and percussion force of interaction, the gas bar will and cushion the bottom of the separation of the metal tray.
When the specific operation must be careful to avoid electrical degree of rattan and the base layer damage.

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