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Lots Rattan Furniture Ltd is a professional outdoor and rattan furniture supplier who offers good price outdoor sofa set, outdoor table & chairs and other wicker furniture.

March 27, 2016

Rattan wicker furniture production process

1. wicker furniture Is expected to open shop, in accordance with the product drawings, the required material with a material, then the internal structure of the products combine to form a product of basic institutions, board selection of a fir, MDF, three in the board.    2. wicker furniture after the internal structure of products, woven products […]

March 26, 2016

Materials of Rattan Furnitures

Rattan is a vine growing in the tropical rain forests, light and tough, which can be woven out of various forms of furniture, the biggest feature is the absorption heat, natural ventilation, anti-moth-eaten, not easily deformed and cracking and other physical properties can be Equivalent to or exceeding high-end hardwood. Indonesia rattan best quality. The […]

March 26, 2016

Rattan Furniture Features

        Rattan furniture, generous light, fine woven rattan that simple, refreshing. People are tired of the hustle and bustle of modern city with the cold, more and more insight into the Return to Innocence is precious, long integration with nature, arranged in a pastoral atmosphere permeated the room, give yourself another living experience. In this […]

March 25, 2016

Rattan furniture introductions

Rattan furniture in China is an ancient furniture, and technology as sources of raw materials and other reasons the restrictions, rattan furniture industry has developed rapidly, both in the size of the business, quantity, value or on the product type, structure, Modeling, process technology and product trade, and so have been a great development, rattan […]