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March 7, 2017

Are you looking forward to 2013 Beach chair, the development of Beach chair industry, to select the best suppliers it!

I only know that in the 1960s, I know, now I will never spent covered in baby oil and iodine hours sunbathing. I still shudder when I think of sitting there sweating my bucket, pull my arms and legs, small insects get stuck concoction, all glorious tan.

How dark I could get an afternoon, I am of course proud. Now, if I am more than 15 minutes in the sun, and began to sweat, I become very irritable. Although I still like to sit outside on the beach or on the deck, and I can not tolerate the sun.
I am very pleased to have the opportunity to try from Rio Beach chair because we went to the State of South Carolina at the end June.It means spending time on the beach. I did not look forward to not cover certain types of things.
When the umbrella came to my left a deep impression on the quality. It is not only the SPF 100 + sun blocking, it is also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
The ability to tilt, can prevent the penetration of sunlight, no matter what, they are beaming.
The umbrella of the material is very thick, but the position itself is a light but strong metal. Six feet, it would be perfect sitting on the beach. Unfortunately, I do not know that you need to sand collected from the compacted sand Seabrook Island get the umbrella. Therefore, we do not have the opportunity to use it.
However, we found other uses. Randy had cut down the tree covered deck, because it is our roof tiles moldy. Now, a good cool deck, bathed in brilliant sunlight. We spoke about an umbrella for our table, but have not found one that we like. Its bright colors, Rio beach umbrella to save us. It is the perfect deck. We can sit on it very easy, no head evasive.
Recently, we got a sand anchor and umbrella wonderful works on the beach. Now we have two sun umbrellas, a price. You can not beat it!
Although we are a big family reunion in Seabrook Island, South Carolina, I think this would be a perfect time Beach chair. I know, I saw Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Bag beach chairs from the beach resort, which will be perfect.
I was right. We and our daily lives.
It has so many different functions than the average beach chairs. It has multiple reclining position and pillows for maximum relaxation.
Unfortunately, we walk to the beach is a good 1/2 mile (1.6 km), while the Beach chair is a little heavy, rubber handle, it is equipped with backpack straps, to reduce the weight and release your hands .
There are a variety of bags chair, I found it very useful. The handrails also contains two smaller bags that can be used as a cup holder and storage of your phone. The back of a cooler bag above said pouch for your valuables – This is what we used to collect shells!

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