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May 7, 2016

About Teak wood furnitures,where and how to buy solid teak wood outdoor furnitures?

An observation based on the characteristics of Thai teak, teak wood furniture manufacturing wood clear, so you feel the natural features. Furniture surface is very smooth, very delicate touch, as if soaked with oil, but it appears that more black core Manglietia rough.

2, the smell of teak itself off a sour smell, similar to the rice after the rancid odor, and black core Manglietia no such odor.

3, the combustion experiments to take a small piece of dry material with burning, teak and large dense smoke emitted, while the black core Manglietia is less.

4, take a small amount of water drip test sprinkle the surface of teak wood outdoor furnitures, if the water was not absorbed and distributed as teak beads, absorbent core Manglietia is black.

5, teak wood outdoor furnitures plates destructive testing after 24 hours immersion in water to observe the changes, if distorted, such as deformation of expansion for the black core magnolia, without any change is teak.

  Consumers in the purchase of teak furniture, in addition to using the above described five methods that can identify, the best choice for large, reputable businesses to buy with confidence.


Medium weight, easy to distort, waterproof, very decay. In European countries, teak is used to make the most luxurious yachts, TITANIC (Titanic) is to use teak laid deck, and it still looked very good today; on the centuries-old cathedral and ancient buildings have been Teak flooring done. Teak is a precious, from growth to become useful by at least 50 years in the natural environment, the best place of origin, only 1 to 5 acre tree. It also contains a very heavy oil, this oil to keep it the same type, and with a special flavor that can drive snakes, insects, rats and ants. More amazing is that it’s planing surface oxide color is made ​​by photosynthesis golden color with time and more beautiful.

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