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January 28, 2017

A perfect design: in 2012 the most popular wicker furniture.Otsrattan leather wholesale give you maximum choice!


Are you a furniture dealer? Perhaps you may wish to consider the allocation of wicker rattan furniture. What is the advantage of selling rattan furniture? Money to be made? What the edge is what? In this article, let’s talk about these issues.

About rattan furniture.

First of all, we should have a better understanding of rattan furniture. We sometimes see this furniture is called wicker furniture. What is the difference? Wicker is used to describe the process, so that the furniture, while the vine is the material used. Process the use of wicker rattan chairs and tables, the two terms can be used interchangeably. Sometimes, they even use the same phrase.

Under normal circumstances, there are two types of rattan – natural and synthetic. Not only has its own characteristics. Synthesis by sugar cane processing plastics. In other words, plastic, looks like a vine. The plastic is a very durable material, easy to use, and easier for manufacturers to produce furniture. The synthetic sugar cane in a variety of colors, it can help to stylish furniture to meet the needs of the market.

Well, what type of furniture, you can create a synthetic sugar cane? This material is so versatile, it can be from a variety of furniture. Basically, all need to create a framework for a solid piece of furniture. This can be of stainless steel or aluminum. Can be wrapped around a solid framework, the synthesis of sugar cane wicker craft. The end result is that you get a lot of wicker furniture is both affordable and durable. You can find all kinds of rattan furniture. Some examples include cabinets, storage boxes, tableware, lamps, etc..

One would expect that the small pieces of furniture. For example, we have seen a lot of stack rattan chair. These chairs are very light, suitable for indoor and outdoor. Rattan material by off-the-shelf, their wholesale price at affordable prices to buy.

It may make you surprised to see large furniture items created from the vine. Complete dining and sofa sets are also available. How can that be? Also apply the same principles of manufacturing – quality design, building a solid framework, then well wrapped with synthetic rattan. These works have a lower cost of production, there is great potential to earn handsome profits from them.

In today’s market, consumers rapid changes of wicker furniture. There are many modern pieces of furniture that will fit any modern living room (pool furniture, bar chairs). If you are a furniture dealer must include rattan furniture in our inventory.

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