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March 30, 2017

A hotel is the most important project is the renovation works, hotel furnitures play a significant role in which


An the hoteliers overwhelming one is that renovations. Whether you upgrade, renovation or completely refurbished hotel, the seemingly endless number of questions to be answered. For example: If we bought all new hotel furnitures or refurbished? What brand is acceptable? What our customers to be able to accept it? What is acceptable, we wallet? If we buy a new hotel furnitures, we should choose what kind of style it? We should use what vendor? What is the acceptable terms?

Purchasing hotel furniture (or refresh), only to enter one of the elements of an update, modification or upgrade. If this many people (and above) purchase, and more about the process of implementing the changes, and how will a smaller, limited-service hotel processing project?

This is exactly what we do. Integrity hotel partner to help you purchase, install, hotel furniture, and all other elements of the project, the development of action-oriented plan, the plan covers the hotel renovation, remodeling and upgrade of all goods and services procurement and implementation / installation.

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