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July 9, 2017

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Florida patio furniture – commercial outdoor patio furniture manufacturers launch new flagship.
PALMETTO, FL (May 31, 2012) – Florida’s patio, the company has brought high-quality construction and luxurious years of commercial patio furniture industry, is proud to announce that, in Florida’s Palm, a new flagship The showroom opening.

Located at Seventh Street 408 W, only a stone’s throw away from the the Florida garden patio furniture factory manufacturing factory, a new factory showroom, marking the company of a new era began. Palmetto, Florida the flagship celebrate Florida courtyard unparalleled quality in commercial outdoor patio furniture.

New factory showroom allows local customers to provide “hands-on” experience, choose their own patio furniture. “Is there a Web site or print ads, in order to truly represent the quality of construction and attention to detail, we put our furniture, said:” Chairman of the Florida courtyard and founder Jimmy Stewart. “With our new factory showroom, customers can touch the fabric, sitting in a chair, I feel complete, to see their eyes, they purchased.

Founded in 2004 Florida patio and garden furniture in the southeastern United States, one of the largest manufacturers of. The company produces many theme parks, resorts, hotels, the entire hotel industry commercial-grade outdoor patio furniture. Florida patio offers outdoor seating and tables for Disney, Hilton, Marriott and many other well-known resort and theme park.

Florida patio patio furniture repair. Often old polished aluminum patio furniture factory can look like new, a small part of the price of new furniture. “Our furniture is commercial grade powder coated aluminum .063 We use only stainless steel hardware and our products will never rust,” Stewart said.

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