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February 19, 2017

When you face to choose leisure furniture, you read this article, be sure to help you!


You have not heard of outdoor leisure furniture? It is concrete furniture, leisure, entertainment, outdoor or semi-outdoor. Outdoor leisure furniture consumers who want to buy home furniture, including outdoor garden or balcony garden can not only play the role of decorative outdoor space, but has also become a good recreational equipment daily life.

If you are interested in, and plan to buy their decorative outdoor leisure furniture, you know what factors you should consider buying it? In short, you must pay more attention to outdoor placement conditions. Year wind and rain, outdoor leisure furniture raw material requirements are relatively high because of all the outdoor leisure furniture should be placed outdoors for a long period of time, they should be high abrasion performance of high-performance high temperature, not fade. At the same time, they can be kept free of dust, moisture, no deformation, easy. These outdoor leisure furniture accessories, they should be durable, easy to rust. Finally, you should be more concerned about the robustness and security of the large outdoor furniture such as wooden pavilions, tents, awnings.

In the general case, the raw material of outdoor leisure furniture common is nothing more than these three types, including wood, metal, bamboo and rattan. China fir oil, such as large timber, pine and teak should be preferred. At the same time, it is important to do the anti-corrosion process. A very long period of time, it is easy to shape due to exposure to an outdoor, therefore, in the production process is also very important.

Imagine, if the production process is unqualified, outdoor furniture fall apart. By the way, outdoor leisure furniture made of wood, wood oil or paint should be maintained.

Compare outdoor leisure furniture outdoor furniture made of metal, wood and is durable. Waterproofing treatment of aluminum or other alloy materials, the best raw materials. Of course, you must pay more attention to prevent collapse.

By bamboo, rattan outdoor lleisure furniture design is generally very nice, but not everyone can afford the high price. The more important is that it is difficult to maintain because of the accumulation of dirt and mildew. Therefore, it is best to choose the highest quality bamboo, rattan outdoor furniture.

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