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February 18, 2017

Model Dimension
Gross weight Powr supply Thecapacity office storer Pefrige rant Input power Daily capacity
MQ-20 415*500*750 35KG 220-240V/50-60HZ 15KG R134A 290W 20kg/24h
MQ-40 510*500*750 36KG 220-240V/50-60HZ 20KG R134A 450W 40kg/24h
MQ-60 510*515*850 60KG 220-240V/50-60HZ 50KG R134A 580W 60kg/24h
MQ-90 825*575*1000 90KG 220-240V/50-60HZ 80KG R134A 910W 90kg/24h
MQ-150 560*820*1400 150KG 220-240V/50-60HZ 130KG R134A 1200W 150kg/24h
MQ-250 760*820*1550 250KG 220-240V/50-60HZ 200KG R22/R134A 2300W 250kg/24h
MQ-350 760*820*1670 350KG 220-240V/50-60HZ 300KG R22/R135A 2800W 350kg/24h
MQ-500 760*820*1820 500KG 220-240V/50-60HZ 350KG R22/R404 3800W 500kg/24h
MQ-700 920*1220*1900 700KG 220-240V/50-60HZ 380KG R22/R404 4500W 700kg/24h



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