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April 7, 2016

3 Patio Furnitures sets to enjoy the wonderful Patio design

1. Cheerful Casino

With a brilliant Patio Furnitures with the natural texture of the home, entertainment room with a balcony into. Click here playing with potted plants, chatting and laughing nap or rest is so pleasant.

Plants: pot decorated with a terrace. Red geraniums, pink impatiens, pink and purple petunias and a set of Kam basil, are added to the terrace cheerful tone.

Pane: In the flower market to buy or build wooden pane with a classical flavor of this rich rural flavor of the French grid, to provide a climbing vine plant site.

Seat: rocking chair and knit feel of the Iron Tower lying people never get tired of dual-use beauty couch, hand-made birch armchair distributed charming natural Patio Furnitures. Select upholstery in addition to beautiful, the best material from the made of waterproof sunscreen.

Flower: flower practical and beautiful pine, the counter can easily be placed potted plants, the following is used to place garden furniture drawers. The back of a flower frame can be applied flexibly according to need.

Cushion: Patio Furnitures and ultimately comfortable chairs, in addition to the cheerful colors, wear and rain performance is the key choice. Striped cushions bright colors bring the psychological feelings of pleasure, yellow green, orange-red flowers also with terrace, against the background of each leaf.

2. Vibrant restaurant

Move Patio Furnitures outside the restaurant to enjoy delicious! With table linen with flowers, fine tableware and lush vegetation to create a romantic atmosphere.

Plants: lush patio pot to ease the atmosphere helps to relax mood. Flowers on the terrace side of the box kind of ivy, the branches will extend outward view terrace and garden link. Placed in several strains of basil and other herbs, can provide a natural condiment dinner.

Patio Furnitures Chairs: lightweight folding tables and chairs to facilitate moving solid, suitable for outdoor use. You can also spray it with flowers to match your favorite color.

Carpet: choose a waterproof outdoor carpet wool, the quality of both is also very comfortable. If the dirty to clean polypropylene can also be sprayed, or to professional treatment.

BBQ: barbecue for Patio Furnitures the most popular programs, with the button in the ignition and charcoal grill, eliminating the trouble of using the matches. Built-in thermometer so you do not need to be able to master the furnace the size of mortgage cover.

Wallpaper: Choose a beautiful large flowers on behalf of wallpaper to create a warm pastoral atmosphere, so that the terrace is full of charming style. This wallpaper can buy their own fabric production.

Tableware: Garden-style wallpaper with floral pattern most suitable for coarse pottery utensils matched. Use some of the well-known antiques, such as the pot or pan studded black roses tray, make your patio look more personality.

Light: a romantic candlelight dinner is essential. Hanging in the eaves in a lamp or candle placed in the balcony railings are a row of candles make a wish for the atmosphere.

3. A quiet living room

Surrounded by lush vegetation around the terrace together, adding a few pieces of Patio Furnitures, can make this into a comfortable living room. Flow line of furniture and soft light color against the background of the potted plants on the terrace a more lush.

Flowers: purple Goodeniaceae, morning glory, and Lantana around the entire space, so a combination of patchwork terrace yet refined atmosphere seems, is to increase the enjoy privacy.

Ground: cloth nail flooring system is ideal for use on the terrace, comfortable and need not be in the ordinary day care, can fight their own preferences form different geometry.

Coffee table: You can play your creativity, like this put a big piece of plastic pots of thick glass to form an interesting coffee table.

Seat: wooden seat with white seat cushion is the classic combination of outdoor furniture. Warm teak and white canvas can make people feel more casual and comfortable.

Beverage Table: with card for the convenience of outdoor life, placed in the seat edge, wine and goblets full bloom, so you can easily take any time to.

Lighting: In the afterglow of the sunset faded, it will be placed in three large iron core within the wax lantern light, soft light can be added to a bit warm for the terrace of life.

Sound: You can hang under the eaves of a string of wind chimes in the breeze among the sweet voice filled the terrace around, full of fun.

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