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January 6, 2017

2012bedroom furniture design trends what? New modern bedroom furniture attention, you know exactly how much?

2012bedroom furniture design trends what? New modern bedroom furniture attention, you know exactly how much?

bedroom furniture design has come a long way from the classic big wooden bed and a typical 1990s intricate decorative patterns. Now, the designer’s inspiration from exotic cultures and the natural world. What comes out of it? You will find a house of this room is very elegant, mature and functional furniture.


bedroom furniture design, which is a big trend. It is characterized by a sharp, smooth lines and geometric shapes. Elegant from simple.

Low platform bed in the room to create a natural harmony. Mode, the legs, but these are “hidden” lopsided edge, this bed seems to float in the room. In fact, the bed simple design does not mean they are not functional. Contrary, there are very many models, the following storage drawer.

Design bedroom furniture bedside cabinet, bedside table drawer and wardrobe is minimalist philosophy, rules-based. You will find pieces of elegant lines, no decorations. Designer decorative accent from the actual design and shape. For example, you may find the nightstand, has the same design as a traditional picnic table. Bedroom, a smaller, low, of course.

Inspiration from natural

Modern bedroom furniture design is based on natural forms, materials and colors. Many lamps, vases and decorative items, such as the natural form. For example, you can find the form of a stylized palm tree trunk with a separate bedside table lamp.

Natural materials by the designer. Wood is the first choice of bed and storage furniture. Leather is another material more widely used. Natural leather unparalleled softness, comfort and elegance. Mainly used for the different parts of the shiny metal accents. These materials are typically used for the legs, handle and lamp holder and stand.

Natural color in the bedroom. Earth colors such as beige, brown, pistachio and Emerald is the favorite option. The complexity of the various combinations of black, white and gray to any bedroom. More cheerful pastel colors, plus small accessories, such as cushions, vases.


Bedroom furniture design, this is a significant trend. Member is never heavy and bulky. They are elegant. Maintain spacious idea in the heart of the room of the house.

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