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March 1, 2017

2012 the most fashion models outdoor lounger, you must have a receipt!


The hottest new trend in one of the luxury resorts outdoor loungers. Yes, outside the bar in the four-poster bed, sitting on the beach and near the pool deck. With a few friends huddled in bed, sip cocktails, munch snacks, this is very interesting. Add one to your landscape and see how much it adds to the fun of outdoor recreation.

The outdoor loungers fun, provides a great seat for your backyard or poolside entertainment. Be sure to remove all fabric and cushion to protect them in extreme weather, however, these are subject to normal rain showers and sun. If you have infirm family members, this is a good way to provide them with a quiet place to rest in the sun. If not, tanning or curling up with a good book, this is a wonderful place.

Modern and stylish outdoor lounge chairs

Round loungers Lebello

Chic chaise lounge, the Lebello leisure appearance, outdoor living area in high demand this season, the perfect combination. Round loungers named its unique shape – round main cushion and backrest has a concave curvature, providing privacy and noise cancellation, expansion Tablet bathed in sunlight. Wicker – whether it’s the look and durability of major pop – round loungers withstood any storm and still look good in the next few years. This cool lounge chairs with an optional sunshade and arm table, or a pair of matching coffee table – a dramatic duo

To CALLE All Weather loungers

Calle weather resin wicker lounger is a modern contemporary loungers, superior comfort and contour lines and curves. In the frame rust resistant all weather wicker chair. Lazy people, including a loose-fill cushions and a 4-inch thick Sunbrella cocoa mat is completely fade and water resistant for year round use. Lounger is the most suitable for family gatherings or entertaining friends in a relaxed night. You can even put a nice nap, or read your favorite book in this chaise lounge lounge chair! Provided Calle weather resin wicker loungers years of enjoyment, comfort and versatility.

Wicker outdoor lounge sunbed

Generous lounge to relax and let you sit in comfort for hours on end. The durable aluminum frame is weather resistance. Wicker maintain years of tension, drooping. Loungers have a removable wheel, it allows you to select from the different locations, to ensure a comfortable. Cushions and pillows provide comfort of your chair.

Outdoor sun loungers of Cloe and pool lounge Zoe from MyYour

With a sun lounger Cloe and pool lounge Zoe, MyYour eventually lying lazily in the sun outdoors. Although Crowe is just a meet ergonomic wave-shaped loungers … Zoe Pool Lounge also offers a hand-controlled pneumatic system adjustable back. Two outdoor loungers provide a refined appearance and comfortable chair, spend time on.

Create polyethylene, it is rugged outdoors. They are resistant to UV and waterproof. Perfect at any age, these modern lounger suitable for any decor, in a variety of bright or neutral colors. Sleek armless design, so many chairs to fit in a small area, or let a few chairs stand out, in a larger context.

Usona home outdoor leisure bed

Good outdoor leisure bed Usona to make your summer days home. With a 360-degree adjustable visor, you can have a full day. In addition, its cushion having a waterproofing and UV resistant fabric, it can have all day. Leisure bed can be in three different sizes and six different colors. Its modern design and clean lines, making it very attractive, which must be integrated into contemporary outdoor space.

DIY outdoor leisure bed

Another option is the outdoor recreation own bed. A double or queen bed frame, suitable for plywood. Later a foam of the same size in a thickness of 5-8 inches. Covered foam, plastic sheeting and security. Waterproof outdoor fabric covering film, throw in some pillows, you have a great entertaining friends or spend a warm evening, your significant other fallow land. Year-round outdoor fabrics inspiration. A futon as a mattress in the framework of your coverage.

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